50% of net REVENUE from your in-app purchases goes TO GIVE TO COLOMBIA

You've arrived to a new village, only to find out that they are in dire need of water. Solve each Water Flow puzzle to get closer to finding out who is behind the drought and why! They need your help - can you figure it out before it's too late? 

We've teamed up with Give to Colombia, a not for profit organization with a mission to bring greater awareness to the various water problems the world is facing today. 

Play Water Flow and see how mobile games can make a difference in the physical space. Make a direct impact through play and spread the word about water conservation.


Each village holds several homes that need your help to fix the water problem. You will encounter some village characters that will let you know what is going on! Once you enter a home, you will need to solve 12 puzzles in order to complete it! Each puzzle has a optimal way to solve it. Drag pathways from the faucets to the correct coloured vessel to fill it with coloured water. 

Faucet Colours



When dragging pathways from the faucets to these vessels, make sure you are putting the correct colour into the vessel! Whatever coloured outline the vessel has is the colour you need to fill it with! Example: Drag a red water pathway into the red vessel (has a red outline). 

Puzzle Tutorial: Colour Mixing

Puzzle Tutorial: Pipes

Drag a pathway into the mouth of a pipe to go through it. To go under a pipe, drag a pathway underneath by going from no


The Village

The water droplet over a house indicates which house you are currently in. 

Each house contains 12 challenging levels for you to beat to get 1 step closer to fixing the water problem in the village. Get the mansion to figure out the mystery that is plaguing the villagers.

Your water supply is displayed at the bottom right of the village map. Every time you make a pathway, you utilize a water jug. The theme of this game centres on water conservation and we'd like to invite you to become more aware of your usage, in and out of the game!

Access the side menu with the button at the top right of the screen. You'll find your achievements, a language selector & your settings. 


the 411 on REVENUE sharing

In-App Revenue - 30% in mobile platform costs (what Apple & Google charge us) - our IT and overhead costs = net revenue.

Give to colombia

Give To Colombia (G2C) www.givetocolombia.org is a philanthropic platform that mobilizes resources, talents, and technologies to Colombia and Latin America to benefit the most vulnerable populations. G2C works in the areas of Education, Health, Economic Development and Environment, and as of 2009, has become an expert in Water & Sanitation. As of 2014, G2C has raised over $20 Million and benefited more than 272,000 individuals. In 2012, G2C was selected by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) to carry out a $2 million pilot project entitled “Comprehensive Models of Access to Water and Sanitation”.  

Since then, G2C has successfully implemented three scalable and sustainable pilot programs throughout the country, providing water and sanitation solutions for thousands of Colombians. The projects consist of providing hygiene education, potable water and infrastructure for 25 schools in the department of Magdalena; fostering potable water services in underserved dispersed areas in Guachené. G2C is developing a sustainable model that gives 206 families in Cañasgordas access to clean water through an innovative, financially inclusive model for the community and local companies and the installation of basic infrastructure such as kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet, shower, and kitchen faucet. This last project in Cañasgordas won the award for the Most Innovative Water & Sanitation Project in Latin America and the Caribbean by BID-FEMSA in October of 2014.

Inspired by this award-winning project and our Colombia Gives Back Initiative, WaterFlow was created to not only raise awareness about the importance of water and problems for low-income rural communities in Colombia and around the world, but also fund Water & Sanitation initiatives in Colombia.  

SOLVE THE PUZZLES and flex that philanthropic muscle, you’re gaming for good!