Water Flow

AVAILable on ios

You've arrived to a new village, only to find out that they are in dire need of water.

Solve each Water Flow puzzle to get closer to finding out who is behind the drought and why! They need your help - can you figure it out before it's too late? 

We've teamed up with Give to Colombia, a not for profit organization with a mission to bring greater awareness to the various water problems the world is facing today. 


Teddy's Flight

Available on ios & Android!

Teddy’s dream has always been to fly.

Help him fulfill his destiny by navigate through the skies, avoiding baddies, gaining songbird friends and collecting flying honeypots. 



The Seeker is an endless runner game we developed for L'Oreal in conjunction with Debut. Dive into a colourful and expressive adventure on your search to find all the missing puzzle pieces that make up an iconic brand. 

Use quick gesture actions, navigate this fast-paced environment to find keys that unlock doors, leading you to an exciting future!

don't stop for good

available on ios

Navigate the curves, zig-zags and totally weird shapes to get as far as you can!

Partnered with not for profit organization, TECHO.org, we are raising awareness for their cause to overcome poverty across 19 countries in Latin America & the Caribbean.

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