Teddy’s dream has always been to fly. Help him fulfill his destiny by navigate through the skies, avoiding baddies, gaining songbird friends and collecting flying honeypots. 

x Original music composition by Toronto composer 
x Awesome music loops get layered on as Teddy gains songbird followers
x Navigate the beautiful skies, avoiding bird baddies & activating cool powerups
x Collect honeypots that let you unlock fashionable, yet productive costumes for Teddy
x Beautiful & simple graphics make Teddy’s world a lovely place to be in 



Tap & hold briefly areas of the screen you want Teddy to move towards! 


Avoid bird baddies that are coming your way! If they come in contact with Teddy's balloons, you'll have 3 chances to keep a float! If a balloon does get popped, supplementary balloons will float up soon after! So watch for them! Each bird has a different flying style; make sure to dodge them accordingly!

Here are some baddies Teddy will encounter on his flight in the sky!


Boosts & shields

Lightening Boost

Removes all baddies on screen

Balloon Shield

Protects Teddy's Ballons

Multiplier Boost

Speeds up your multiplier earnings

Teddy Shield

Protects all of Teddy!


Slomo Boost

Slows down everything on screen

Songbird Shield

Protects Teddy's companions!


Turbo Boost

Speeds up everything on screen



As Teddy explores the skies, flying honeypots will make an appearance! Collect as many as you can to unlock fun, fashionable and functional costumes for Teddy to fly in!