What is GameTrove?

GameTrove is the premier game hub application that offers instant access to premium HTML5 games for free. What is awesome is that there are NO In app purchase requirements in any of the games, and if you become a monthly subscriber when offered, you don’t have to put up with ads. That’s right, at no cost you get access to a large and growing library of great games with no frustrating In-App Purchases.

GameTrove contains tons of curated games and new games are being added monthly. In many cases, we release games that are exclusive to GameTrove, which makes for an awesome experience. It is easy to search for games and we have enhanced the game experience by integrating Chat functionality – so you can play and chat with your friends without leaving GameTrove.

Each game within GameTrove has its own dedicated details page with description and images. You can select your favourite games by tapping the heart icon in the upper right of each individual game page and adding them to your My Games page. You can also invite friends to install GameTrove. With a paid subscription, you will be entitled to special rewards from our partners, such as air miles.


How do I access games on GameTrove?

Games offered in GameTrove are primarily HTML5, meaning you can play right away, directly in the app, without needing to separately download any games. Simply search for games in the Browse Games or Home screens accessed from the side menu, select a game, then click the Play button to launch and have fun! In otherwords, you are not forced to install a whole bunch of new apps on your device, which can consume a lot of space and take time. It also allows us to offer you fresh, new games each month directly in the app without you needing to update the app or do anything.


Will the app work on a 3G/LTE mobile network?

Yes, but to ensure that you are able to play games freely without any performance issues, we do recommend turning on your device's Wi-Fi and connecting to an available Wi-Fi network. Even though connections such as 3G and LTE are capable of maintaining a consistent connection, Wi-Fi is the most reliable means of staying connected at all times.


How do I view My Profile details?

To view your profile and account information, access the side menu (upper left or simply swipe from left to right), then click on My Profile to view your profile information.


How do I access Settings?

To get to Settings, go to the side menu (upper left or simply swipe from left to right) and find Settings. In the Settings menu, you can turn on/off notifications and sounds, access our privacy policy and terms of service, find help and support, follow us on social media and invite friends to install GameTrove.


Is there any limit on the number of games I can access?

At the moment, you have access to all games in GameTrove.


Player Guide

How do I browse for games?

Browsing for games is extremely easy. On the Home screen, you will see Featured games, New Additions, Recently Played and What’s Hot. In Browse Games (accessed from the side menu), you can swipe right to view games by genre in the top navigation (Arcade, Adventure, etc), or use the search tool (magnifying glass) to find games by keyword (e.g. Candy), name or genre. You can scroll down in each genre page to see all the games in that genre.


How do I chat with friends?

Select Chat from the side menu or in the bottom navigation tool where it appears (Message icon in bottom right), select Add Friends or search for friends that are using GameTrove. Once your friends have accepted your invite you will be notified with a message in GameTrove. In the Chat page, you can begin having real time text chats with friends.


Can I access GameTrove on multiple devices?

Yes. As long as you install GameTrove and then sign in on any of your devices, you will be able to access all the games and features offered.


How do I change my notification settings?

You can turn off/on notifications easily in Settings. In the Settings page, click Notifications. You can toggle on/off notifications. This will affect Chat notifications, as well as in-app updates we may send you of new games launched in GameTrove.


Report Abuse/Cheating

To report any abuse or violations in Chat or any of our games, please email us at . In addition, please provide us with a description of the violation, title of the game (if applicable), and a screen shot (if possible). Any additional information is encouraged as it may speed up a resolution.


Promotions & Rewards

Do you oFFER promotions or rewards?

Periodically, and depending upon the version of the app you downloaded, there may be partner loyalty rewards, promotions and special offers. Be sure to check back.



How do I contact support?

Need help? You can quickly access our Help section by clicking the Settings page from the side menu. If you still have additional questions, you can always email us at  and we will do our best to get back to you asap.


Do data charges apply when browsing games or using any feature in GameTrove?

If you are on a Wi-Fi network, then your use of GameTrove generally will not incur any carrier data charges. However, if you are using GameTrove on a carrier network then you will generally incur charges every time you use the app or play a game. Please check with your carrier for specific details. Data charges are your responsibility and not that of GameTrove or Good World Games, Inc.



As part of offering free access to all the games in GameTrove, you will be required to view ads.


Game Play Assistance

Game Keeps Freezing/Crashing?

If any games you are playing keep crashing or freezing, please follow these steps:

·       Check your connection. We recommend that you connect to Wi-Fi to maximize the gaming experience

·       Force-close the application and restart it. After doing so, make sure you are logged in to the Wi-Fi network again

·       Uninstall and re-install the application if the previous steps have not fixed the issue

·       Restart your device

Should you still have any issues, please contact our support team at with the following information:


·       What game(s) you are playing


·       Device make & model (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S5 or Apple iPhone 6, etc.)

·       Operating system & version (i.e. Android 4.0.3 or iOS 9.3.5)

·       Are you using Wi-Fi, 3G, or LTE?

·       Details of the issue you are experience. If possible, please provide screenshots.


How do I contact you?

We encourage you to search this Help section to find your answers. If you still need additional help or cannot find your answer, please contact our support team at . Thanks!