Partner with Good World Games

> and join us to create games that do good.

Mobile games engage users on a daily basis in a way that other mediums just can't access. We believe that through this play, users can do some serious good for charity. Combining mobile games and not for profit organizations in the right way can engage millions of users and get them playing for good. 

  • A co-branded game can be a powerful tool to bring awareness and attention to your cause
  • Re-engage and/or create new connections with your demographic through mobile games
  • We partner with not for profits where we think there is a good demographic fit for our games
  • Reliable marketing of the game by our NFP partners is critical 

Why Games? Here are just a few good reasons:

  • Mobile Gaming is a $22 billion market globally and growing unabated
  • Gen Y spends nearly 7.8 hours per month on average on mobile games
  • Average Spend per mobile gamer per month in North America is an impressive $3.87 

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