> Launch your mobile games with us at no cost

We are looking for awesome mobile games to distribute through our network. Have an unpublished game or two (or three!) that you've worked on and can't get rolling? Perhaps you have built a great brain game or one that can be used in recruiting or for educational purposes. Publish them with us and get your games out there!

The Perks:

  • There is no cost
  • It's all For Good with a percentage of profits going to charity

  • Reach millions of gamers through our targeted partner network

A bit about our network:

  • We are not a typical publisher. We strike partnerships with companies and organizations, reaching large or growing, untapped audiences of gamers and integrate a library of curated or custom games inside their apps. These are exclusive arrangements meaning you won't get lost amongst millions of apps in the app stores.
  • Our partners actively market the games to their audiences.
  • We manage and refresh the game libraries.
  • We reach more than 70 million mobile-game hungry users through our partnerships...and growing!
  • We match our selection of games with the partner's audience so that the chances of success are greater.
  • Our partners love the fact that we are all about Gaming for Good as it resonates powerfully with their audiences!

Interested in partnering with us?

Fill out the form below.

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How many years have you been developing games?
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Starting with what you think is your best game ever, please share iTunes and/or Google play store links to previously published games (if any). If you have unpublished titles, a testflight build and/or mockups would give us enough to assess. If you have published titles on other platforms, share those too!

We will respond to you within 1 week of receiving a complete submission and let you know if we think your game is a good fit. Thanks for your submission!

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