Announcing our newest game for iOS & Android, Teddy's Flight! We've been working very hard this year to add fun, engaging & good-looking games to our collection, and we are very happy with the direction this endless runner is heading in. Unlike some other titles in the Good World Games roster, Teddy's Flight is exploring a new genre, and is creating a fast-paced, easy-to-grasp gameplay mechanic that can be enjoyed by all! 

Teddy has always wanted to fly and is now getting his chance! Help Teddy navigate the skies, avoid bird baddies & collect cool power-ups that will help along the way. As you spread your "wings", you'll notice flying honeypots that shimmer in the sky; pick those suckers up & get ready to unlock a whole new wardrobe for Teddy. Be fashionable, yet practical with your new outfits that allow you to get further in the game, with a better score! 


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