We're a small, but mighty team working towards a common goal: building fun mobile games that raise awareness and money for charities across the globe. 

We’ve ignited a movement to get people to drive change in the real world by having a lot of fun playing our games in the virtual world. We were the first to link virtual worlds with the real one where play supported people on the ground. 

My Conservation Park (MCP), a virtual conservation park helped direct funds to Indonesian rainforests, mountain gorillas, saving sharks and real conservation parks. People loved the idea and though our first game was successful, it was a learning experience. MCP was a desktop game and players kept saying they wanted to play anywhere and anytime, with more opportunities for creativity. 

So what did we do? We listened to our players. 

We went mobile and created a game where creativity is solely in your hands, allowing you to have fun with friends and family whenever you please, no matter the device. We wanted to take a timeless classic and make it new again. So we picked a game people have been playing since they lived in caves. We wanted a game that could last the test of time, so we picked one that already has. 

Charades for Good (iOS and Android) is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a mobile charades game where 50% of profits go to causes people deeply care about. Humane in its nature, the game lets people interact with one another in a fun and easy way. We're very proud of Charades for Good and it won’t be the last of its kind. We want to create a movement where people play for good. To do that we've realized it will take time and the development of a franchise of games just like Charades for Good. We're calling it the ‘for good’ series. So download the game and start acting silly. Share it with as many friends as you want, but remember one thing. Don't keep this incredible movement to yourself!


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